Cultural Tours

Bhutan takes a great pride to be the last remaining Mahayana Buddhist sovereign nation in the world and learning Buddhism is the living faith of this country. Buddhism is being practiced throughout the country from the 7th century when Indian saint Padmasambhava brought Buddhism in this land. Buddhist rituals and ceremonial activities are regularly performed all through the Bhutan. Numerous monasteries, stupas, prayer-flags and prayer-wheels and other shrines spread all over the Bhutan refers to Bhutanese' strong feelings on Buddhism.

The physical features of this country are characterized by high, rugged mountain and a wide network of deep valleys, meadows and moraines, waterfalls, alpine lakes, dense forest and farmlands and human settlements. The territory of this beautiful country rises from an elevation of 100 meter above from sea level to 7570 meter. To the north of Bhutan endless mountain peaks are soaring including the world's highest unclimbed mountain peak Gangkar Peunsum 7570 meter.

Known as 'The Land of the Peaceful Thunder Dragon', Bhutan is often compared with Switzerland because of its small size, wonderful panoramic landscape and other dramatic scenery and thus it has got a nick name of 'the Switzerland of Asia'.