Bhutan is considered as the last Shangri-La of trekking across the Himalayas. Trekking here in Bhutan is supposed to be an ultimate achievement of the Himalayan adventures. Besides Buddhist culture and religion, the trips in Bhutan reward journeyers with breath-taking views of Himalayas, deep valleys, alpine meadows and moraines, glacial lakes, and dense forests with varied flora and fauna.

Although sandwiched by Tibet on the north and by India on the east, west and south, Bhutan is isolated from the 21st century and is sparsely populated; only 33 per cent of its total area, 40067 square kilo meter, is occupied by human beings and rest of the area is covered by Himalayas, jungles, meadows, alpine lakes, and valleys wherein only the beauty of nature and wildlife shelter.

We organize various treks in Bhutan; some of more popular are given below.