River Rafting

Nepal is famous as one of the best destinations for white-water rafting in the world. The thundering water pouring from the glaciers of the mighty Himalayas provides unmatched opportunities for enjoying the thrills of rafting, in magnificent scenery. Cruising down rushing rivers of crashing waves and swirling rapids can provide some of the most exciting moments of one's lifetime. Rafting the rivers of Nepal with the combination of mountain scenery, rich cultural and religious heritage, and white sand beaches is an experience not to be missed. Even beginners can enjoy rafting rivers graded from 1-4, with our experienced rafting guides, assistants and well maintained equipment. Throughout the rafting journey, you are accompanied by well trained and experienced guides, rescue teams and other staff. Safety is our top priority, with personal care of each valued guests during expeditions, and always at least two kayakers in the river around the rafts.

The best time for rafting in Nepal is from October through November and March through early May. In winter the water is too cold for some, and precautions against hypothermia are required for all.

The day in the river begins early morning soon after breakfast. Instructions on safety and emergency procedures are given to participants before boarding the raft. Life jackets and helmets are to be worn by participants at all times during the trip. We provide our guests with all meals, and accommodation at tented camps.

So far the government has opened sections of 10 rivers for commercial rafting. Our most popular river trips are suggested in the following pages.

What to bring for rafting?

  • Swimming suits - 1 set
  • Nylon T-shirt or shirt - 2
  • Sun hat - 1
  • Sunglasses with leash or strap -1
  • Towel - 1
  • Wet shoes 1 pair with buckle or ties, not just like Velcro leash as we would like something that won't sucked off our feet if we end up in the water
  • Polypro socks - 2 pairs
  • Sleeper - 1 pair
  • Insect repelling cream or spray
  • Anti-sunburn lotion
  • Dry and warm clothes
  • Camera with waterproof bag
  • First-aid kit