Trekking Peaks

In Nepal 'Mountain Climbing Permit' is issued by 2 institutions: (1) Nepal Mountaineering Association (the only Alpine Club in Nepal), also known as NMA in short, which grants climbing permission to 27 mountain peaks to be ascended by Enthusiastic Trekkers, and, (2) by the Department of Tourism for rest of other Peaks. By this way there are 2 categories of mountain peaks: (1) Trekking Peaks OR NMA Peaks and (2) Expedition Peaks
In exercise of power conferred by the government of Nepal, NMA regulates 27 peaks and has made some rules those come into force at once.
Where applicable definitions for these rules will be the same as of Nepal Mountaineering Expedition Regulations 1979 and its Amendments.
Any person or mountaineering team desiring to climb 'Trekking Peaks' must obtain permission from Nepal Mountaineering Association. Permission to climb these peaks will be granted for a period of one month; however it may be extended for another period of two weeks. A 25% charge is levied per week to extend climbing period.
The trek to and from the base camp is not counted in climbing period. Application for climbing permission must be submitted through a registered Trekking Agency. Permit will be granted on 'first come first serve' basis.
Every individual or group granted a Mountain Peak Climbing Permit, shall be accompanied by a Climbing Guide who must be registered with NMA.
The maximum number of climbers in a group is 12 Persons.
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List of NMA Peak/Trekking Peaks and Royalty