Dolpo Region

Dolpo region takes pride of having human settlements at the highest elevation in the world. The suburb in Dolpo was first established by Tibetan nomads Rokma and Drokpa in between the Dhaulagiri massif, Annapurna range and Tibetan plateau. Being situated in the rain-shadow areas, western northern part of Nepal, Dolpo gets very little rain and offers exceptionality for trekking even in the season of mid monsoon.

However there are several choices of routes and itineraries for trekking, Dolpo is mainly divided into two parts; Upper Dolpo and Lower Dolpo. Upper Dolpo covers an inner and widespread area including the sacred Himalayan Peak, Crystal Mountain, and the steps of Peter Matthiessen during his snow leopard research in the Himalayas. Most of trekking area in Dolpo is protected by Shey Phoksundo National Park, the divine home of rare animals including snow-leopard and various species of treasured plants and herbals.

A trek to Dolpo, where trail itself is wild and feral, leads journeyers through scattered villages and picturesque hamlets, farmlands, terrace, meadows, gorges, waterfalls, lush forests, high passes, and alpine lakes to far beyond their normal preoccupation, and let them have joys in a remotely isolated area of Nepal. Besides all of these, journeyers get to see numerous Tibetan monasteries, monuments, and tsortens, and have opportunity to intermingle with people of different cultures and religions who lead to ancient lifestyle; nevertheless they have mutual co-operation and friendliness. An observation of Pre-Buddhist Religion 'Bon-Po' is an additional attraction of the trip; much of Bon-Po symbols are the opposite of Buddhism.

The treasures and richness of Dolpo are indescribable. To put in a nutshell, Dolpo is a perfect fusion of natural treats and cultural phenomena of human beings.

The popular trekking trips we operate in Dolpo from April to October are detailed below.