About Us

Officially registered in 1998 in accordance with the law of Nepal and completely founded in 1999; Trekking and Mountaineering Services Nepal Private Limited is an authorised Adventure Travel Company, which is certified by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Industry, Department of Tax and the Central Bank of Nepal. It is is associated with Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN), and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). Our our company, "Trekking And Mountaineering Services Nepal Private Limited" is popular as TAMS NEPAL by its short name. 

TAMS NEPAL has an excellent reputation for arranging safe journey with personalised care and warm hospitality. Not only the standard trips our company can also organize bespoke/tailor-made package as per your conditions and this is what makes us different. These bespoke/tailor-made trips have various benefits: these can be arranged to go exactly where you want to be, when you want, with the people you want, also there are no risk of disappointment when your big operator cancels a trip because of less number of team members. We can arrange programmes away from the areas that are now becoming crowded. Our speciality lies in organising Treks across the Himalayan trail, Mountaineering Expedition on any peaks, River trip, Cultural and Heritage Tours and Jungle Safari for any size of group from lone individuals to large groups. We have experiences in helping clients build the best trip in the best areas for them. Our focal destinations are Nepal, China, Bhutan and India; we also work in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Manmar. 

Our staff whether they work on mountains and trekking trails, or in rivers and in jungles receive formal training and are fully experienced in their field of expertise. Clients' comfort and safety comes first throughout an expedition: our staff have the training and skills to deal with safety issues such as altitude sickness, first aid, and rescue operations. They have the teamwork and leadership abilities and the environmental awareness. All of them are able to ensure to run clients’ expeditions happily and smoothly. Our staff can also converse in various languages according to the clients' convenience. Not only this, our local guides and group leaders help the clients get closer to the choosen destination.


Field Staff: we can provide well-trained, authorized and experienced mountain guides (Sirdars), climbing Sherpas, trekking guides, kitchen crew, camping staff, porters, rafting crew, Liaison Officers where applicable, and city tour guides. We can also arrange teachers for cultural exchange programmes.

Camping Equipment: sleeping tents, fully-equipped kitchen tents, dining tents with chairs tables and lighting (portable solar), shower tents, toilet tents with seats and toiletries, sleeping bags and mattresses

Mountaineering Expedition Equipment: we provide climbing equipment/gear - including ice-axes and hammers, shovels, belaying equipment, ropes, oxygen, masks and regulators (personal equipments should be managed by the clients themselves).

Meals: our cooks usually prepare European-style dishes, but if you prefer you can try local recipes as well. On fully-catered expeditions we provide the following tasty and hygienic meals:

Bed Tea: a hot cup of tea served along with your wake-up call

Breakfast: porridge, muesli, granola, eggs, bread or chapati with butter, jam, honey, tea, coffee, milk, hot chocolate, etc.

Lunch: French fries, steamed momo, pasta, rice, lentils, bread and chapati with butter, jam, honey, soup, noodles, canned or preserved meat, canned fish, eggs, vegetables, fresh fruits, tea, juices, etc.

On arrival in camp: a welcome drinks of hot fruit juice followed by tea, coffee, biscuits, peanuts, popcorn, etc.

Dinner: soup, noodles, French fries, pasta, steamed momo, rice and lentils, fresh meat, eggs, fresh vegetables, salad, dessert, tea/coffee, etc.

Permits & visa: we arrange all the necessary documentation, including Travel Visas, Tour Permits, Mountaineering Expedition Permits, Trekking Permits, Conservation and National Park Area Entry Permits, River Rafting Permits, Visa Extensions and Filming Permits.

Ground Transport: we provide private jeeps, cars and buses or public transport as per clients’ choice

Flights: we arrange all internal flights, plus international flights if required

Hotel and Lodge Reservations: we can book hotels and lodge, in a price bracket to suit each client.